I have a catalog about my company. How can I upload it ?

After entering cataload. com site you will see the upload tool in the main page. Choose your catalog from your computer or mobile device and click upload. Your catalog is uploaded now.

After uploading my catalog to whom I can send it?

After uploading your catalog to cataload.com cloud you can share it through social media platforms or send it via mail.

I want to upload and share my catalog as fast as I can. Is it possible in catalog.com?

Indeed its possible. You can upload and share your catalogs via our tool without giving any information or fill any registration form. But you can also do the same thing by entering your information.

What is the difference between registered and unregistered catalogs?

Unregistered catalogs will be deleted from catalod.com cloud after 30 days from uploading date. But registered catalogs will remain in the cloud for 1 year.

Which uploading method your recommend? Registered or unregistered?

Cataload.com recommends the registered method. This is why:
- It will storage for much more time in the cloud,
- Sharing the information of the person or company that uploaded the catalog,
- The possibility to reach the person or company that uploaded the catalog by potential customers,
and much more reasons…

Can I change the catalog I uploaded?

Yes you can change it or renew it.

I selected my file but I it was the wrong one. Can I change it?

Of course you can. After selecting the file, the button returns to “change” mode so you can change and upload you file easily

Can I upload a file that is not in PDF format?

Unfortunately it’s not possible for now.