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There are some users of TPG webmail who want to setup their accountson their iPhones and iPad. The given instruction will help those users to setup up properly, as the steps are mentioned below. • Go to your settings on your iPhone or iPad. • Scroll down to password and accounts and tap on it. • Tap on Add account. • Here you can see different options to select but tap on others. • Tap on Add Mail account. • Enter your full name, TPG email address, and password, and then tap on next. • Choose IMAP on account types and configure it with the incoming server as mail.tpg.com.au and outgoing mail server as mail.tpg.com.au and your TPG email address and password. • Tap on the Save button to complete the procedure. By following the above-mentioned steps, a user can easily setup TPG email on their iPhone as well as iPad. If there is any kind of issue raised, please contact the technical support team. More Info: https://www.auswebmailservice.com/tpg-customer-support-center.html

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